Night Drainage Bags

2 litre night drainage bag with lever tap outlet, 1 metre inlet tube and NRV. Supplied individually and sterile. Order code 2LNB.

Also available, non-drainable night bag packed in 10’s. NON STERILE. Order code J2.


Leg Drainage Bag

A comprehensive range of quality drainage bags.

Advanced construction incorporating a double weld seam and fully welded tubes for total confidence. An easy to use JADE lever tap and night bag connection tube is fitted to every bag.

All JADE LBWT are supplied in boxes of ten, with one pair of leg straps. JADE can supply a sleeve support as an alternative to leg straps when required.

Ordering details: –

  • LBWT350-S direct inlet 350ml
  • LBWT500-XL adjustable tube 500ml
  • LBWT350-L long tube 350ml
  • LBWT750-S direct inlet 750ml
  • LBWT500-S direct inlet 500ml
  • LBWT750-M medium tube 750ml
  • LBWT500-M medium tube 500ml
  • LBWT750-L long tube 750ml
  • LBWT500-L long tube 500ml
  • LBWT750-XL adjustable tube 750ml

Please note tube lengths: –
M = 100mm, L = 300mm, XL = 450mm.


Euro-Bag with Dual Tap

For use with an indwelling catheter.

This product provides a Catheter Valve with an integral 500ml leg bag for convenience and security.

Supplied in boxes of ten with one pair of leg straps.

Order code JEDT


Jade Portabag and PortabeltPortabelt suspensory system for use with the Jade-Euro-Med Portabag

  • Adjustable waist size using sliding buckle.
  • Waist fastening is easy to use velcro.
  • Drainage bag can be supported using the most suitable of three height fastenings.

Bags supplied sterile in boxes of 10. Available with left or right hand inlet.

Belts supplied in packs of 1.

Order codes: –

  • Bag right hand inlet JEPB/R
  • Bag left hand inlet JEPB/L
  • Belt JEPB/B
Bag (left) JEPB/L