Ostomy Belts

Available in 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch and 12-inch depths, with a choice of fastenings in all belt sizes.

  • Male fitting code KM30
  • Female fitting code KM31
Belt Sizes
Code Size Description
KM2101 90-99cm MEDIUM Ostomy brief, heavyweight
KM2102 100-109cm LARGE Ostomy brief, heavyweight
KM2103 110-119cm X-LARGE Ostomy brief, heavyweight
KM2104 120-129cm XX-LARGE Ostomy brief, heavyweight
KM2107 71cm WAIST (28inches) Ostomy brief, lightweight
KM2108 76cm WAIST (30inches) Ostomy brief, lightweight
KM2109 81cm WAIST (32inches) Ostomy brief, lightweight
KM2110 86cm WAIST (34inches) Ostomy brief, lightweight
KM2111 91cm WAIST (36inches) Ostomy brief, lightweight
KM2112 96cm WAIST (38inches) Ostomy brief, lightweight
KM2115 90-99cm MEDIUM Ostomy girdle, heavyweight
KM2116 100-109cm LARGE Ostomy girdle, heavyweight
KM2117 110-119cm X-LARGE Ostomy girdle, heavyweight
KM2118 120-129cm XX-LARGE Ostomy girdle, heavyweight
KM2121 71cm WAIST (28inches) Ostomy girdle, lightweight
KM2122 76cm WAIST (30inches) Ostomy girdle, lightweight
KM2123 81cm WAIST (32inches) Ostomy girdle, lightweight
KM2124 86cm WAIST (34inches) Ostomy girdle, lightweight
KM2125 91cm WAIST (36inches) Ostomy girdle, lightweight
KM2126 96cm WAIST (38inches) Ostomy girdle, lightweight
6 inch deep Ostomy Belt Showing a velcro flap fastening.
8 inch deep Ostomy Belt Showing a hook and eye fastening.
10 inch deep Ostomy Belt Showing a velcro strap fastening.
12 inch deep Ostomy Belt Showing a buckle fastening.